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"Just a note on Pontoon Restoration, we had some work done to our pontoon. Carpet, new seats, lighting, major restoration. It came out great! Suggestions from Dave were well thought out and improved our vision of our pontoon immensely. With the exception of a few dents in the exterior of the boat (put there carefully by my wife), our boat looks brand new. The quality of products used and the workmanship are excellent. David has a great concept with his business. He takes a cosmetically worn out boat and makes it look brand new, for a fraction of the cost of an entirely new boat."

-Scott Campbell


Flooring   Seating   Helm Steering Console   Bimini Tops   Other Components


Christmas Special

Valid til December 30, 2019

(If you sign a contract, and pay 50% deposit between 12/16/2019 to 12/30/2019)

(Your project must be more than $9,000)

  • $1500 off and a FREE Boss BluetoothStereo System w/ 4 OEM Marine 200W Speakers
  • Free under deck LED Lighting and Under Seat Lighting
  • Free Shrink Wrapping
  • Free Storage
  • Saving your spot to have your pontoon boat completed before May 20, 2020.



Note:  Previous dated contracts before 8/1/2019 do not apply to this special.

       Why buy New?  Restore for a Fraction!               

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Step 1

Where do I even start?  

Just pick up the phone or email us.  We will guide you thru a very easy process!

574-267-6777 /

Step 2


Depending on your location, we will either come to you or will provide a estimate over the phone.

If your pontoon boat is more then 1 hour away from Warsaw, IN we will provide you a preliminary

estimate. If the estimate is in your budget and you want to proceed, then we will come to you and

provide you a firm quote for the contract.  In order to help you, we have a measuring form.  This form is

designed to aid us with the critical information in order to give you a preliminary estimate.

 (Please click here for a PDF form to fill out and email to us.)

Step 3


All the hard stuff is over. If you are not available to sign the contract in person, no problem!  We

can email you the contract.  50% of the total price is due on signing the contract, and the

other 50% is due 5 - 7 days after completion of the project.

Step 4


Typical restoration projects only take 2 - 4 weeks from start to finish.  When we are

about 1 week from completion we will contact you about completion.

Step 5


 At that time you will be invited to see your completed pontoon boat.  If you will

not be available to see your completed pontoon boat, then we will email you

photos of your pontoon boat.  Your final payment will 

be due 5 - 7 days after completion.

Step 6

Return of Pontoon Boat

Your pontoon boat will be scheduled for delivery. Please understand that the completion date is approximate date.  We can not alway hit the date mark, but we do try. 



Pontoon Restoration Facts 101

1.  Why would I want to have my pontoon restored? 

     1. COST

The cost to buy a newer year model pontoon is going to run you any where in the neighborhood  of

$14,000 to $22,000


The cost to buy a new 24' pontoon boat with a sundeck and the best 28oz

carpet  or vinyl will set you back in the neighborhood of

$35,000 - $69,000.

So, if you could spend $6,000 to $14,000

to restore, and everything is clean and NEW....


Plus, we are using the same OEM Grade, (original equipment material) as the best pontoon manufactures are using,



What would you rather spend?  $7K - $18K (Restore)  or $26K - $69K (New)

     2. Use of Pontoon VS Cost

Have you done the math how much each trip out is costing you?  If you take the pontoon boat out 10 times a year for four years. which is typical..   (on a typical $36,000 pontoon boat )  What do you think each trip is costing you?  With interest...  

$964 per each time you take it out!



Pontoon Restoration Company can customize your pontoon boat (with in reason) to anything you want!  Manufactures will not customize a pontoon boat, they will only work from a menu of choices.   Would you like to change your seating configuration? Would you like to add a bar on your pontoon boat?  Add a: Sundeck? Fishing Seats? A lean back lounger? Rear Facing Lounger? Double Deck? Third Toon? Hydro Foil? Under deck LED color changing Lighting?


It comes down to choices!  More Options!


Pontoon Logs

Lets talk about the basics!  Think of this project as if it was your house.  Is your foundation sound and solid?  How are your pontoon logs?  Do they have alot of dents and defects?  Do they hold air, and keep the water out?  If you said yes and your pontoons are sound and solid, then you have a 50% yes!

Whats the diameter of the logs.  Diameter is the distance of the end of the log across.  Take a tape measure and go to the rear of the pontoon boat.  Measure from edge to edge of the log.  If you measure 19" or more then you have your other 20% yes!  If you measure 18" or less, then you have to be very carefull.   Reason:  Weight!  You can only put so much weight on your pontoon boat, before you will make the boat unstable while it is overloaded! 

Pontoon Fence

The frame of your fence...  Is it in good shape? Don't worry about this one to much!  You can still replace it, and still be cost effective compaired to buying a new boat.


How does your engine run? Does it leave you stranded out in the middle of the lake?  Do you properly maintain it every year? If you have anwsered yes, then that is your last remaining 30%.  Engines can be very expensive, and if they are not properly maintained can cost you thousands of dollars!


    1.  Quality of materials - Quality Standards 

          1. Flooring Materials must be of a high quality grade that will last more than just a couple years!

                  1. Carpet must be of 22oz or thicker, anything else will not hold up longer than a couple years!

                  2.  OEM Grade Vinyl Flooring must be thicker than .110".  There is several products on the market

                       that are .060" and just will not hold up like the thicker quality vinyl flooring.   Our OEM Grade quality

                       vinlyl flooring will hold up to a anchor drop test, but the thinner vinyl flooring materials will not

                       hold up.  There are several lessor grade vinyl flooring on the market, and Pontoon Restoration

                      will not install the product nor do we sell it.  But, others will sell and install the sub-quality grades

                       of materials! 


 There is a difference between a 10 year

                      Warranty on our Infinity Woven Vinyl flooring and 2 year warranty on the aftermarket vinyl .060" 

                      1                                                        2                                                       3                                                    4



Image (1) shows the same quality vinyl flooring as the leading pontoon manufacture are

installing!  Image (2) clearing shows the difference in thickness between our product

and the thinner less durable vinyl flooring.  Image (3) shows the thickness of our product

and image (4) shows the thickness of what other restore shops install.  Image (5) is

the vinyl product aftermarket .060" that we do not install. MariDeck product has just recently

exploded with warranty claims.  Pontoon Restoration Company has never sold the product.


                    2.  Pontoon Seats are purchased from the same seating manufacture as Bennington Pontoon

                        Company, and the leading pontoon manufactures.  We do not buy our seats from China or

                        manufacture the seats in house. Your quality of the seats is our top focus!


                    3. Wiring, all the wiring that is replaced is covered with wire protected loom.  This is our

                        quality standard that some OEM pontoon manufactures don't even install.  We also

                        install all heat shrink connectors any place wiring is replaced.  


                   4. Pontoon Restoration Company LLC restores 50 - 75 pontoon boats per year. We restore more pontoon boats with the best 

                       quality products than any other company out there.


We give you OEM Grade Parts, NOT aftermarket replacement parts!





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FREE QUOTES!  Call today to schedule an appointment, we will come to you!   574-267-6777 ASK FOR DAVID

Any project is welcome from re-carpeting project  to high end luxary project!

(In home appointment service is only for full restoration projects, and not intended for parts only projects, please.)

Before & After Images




AFTER - Powder Coated Pontoon Fence

 AFTER - Custom Bar W/ Bar Stools


Under Deck Lighting

Helm Dash Panel Replacement


                                           Before                                                                                                                  After


                                          BEFORE                                                                                                  AFTER

                            BEFORE                                                                                                                 AFTER

                                           Custom Build - Full Custom Bar




28' LONG X 9' WIDE

Custom Pontoon Chassis Service