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"Just a note on Pontoon Restoration, we had some work done to our pontoon. Carpet, new seats, lighting, major restoration. It came out great! Suggestions from Dave were well thought out and improved our vision of our pontoon immensely. With the exception of a few dents in the exterior of the boat (put there carefully by my wife), our boat looks brand new. The quality of products used and the workmanship are excellent. David has a great concept with his business. He takes a cosmetically worn out boat and makes it look brand new, for a fraction of the cost of an entirely new boat."

-Scott Campbell



You have your choice between 5 levels of pontoon seating:

Freedom - (Plywood Frames) Lowest Priced

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Clipper - Rotocast Plastic Frame - Same frame as the Flagship

Flagship - Rotocast Plastic Frame - Same frame as the Clipper 

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Regatta - Premium Seating 

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OEM - Highest Priced - Custom Seating - 1 peice sets

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The freedom line is the lowest priced, and progressively going down the list will cost more.


My Seating manufacture is the same manufacture of Bennington Pontoon.

Over 50 colors to choose from.  We offer highend upgrade vinyls.


Regatta Line